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Souvenir: A Fantasia On The Life Of Florence Foster Jenkins

Tim Howard is an excellent Cosme, playing fine piano and singing lyrically, all the while acting his part to perfection. He makes friendship feel a bit slimy and he redeems his character more than once with comfort and ease."


J. Peter Bergman

The Berkshire Edge


Howard... was tasked to narrate the tale from his point of view, and did so with panache and a not-so-understated tongue-in-cheek which kept the audience laughter going back and forth between the two actors. His virtuoso piano playing also provided smooth backdrops to Monroe’s horrendous solos, and his mastery of short, frenetic physical comedy was outdone only by his knowing glances to the audience and hilariously contorted facial expressions."


Telly Halkias

American Theatre Critics Association

"Director Nathan Stith has scored big time with Oldcastle stalwart Tim Howard and newcomer Kaia Monroe. They have genuine chemistry together that welcomes you in to Temperley's imaginings of this unique relationship."

Gail M. Burns
Berkshire on Stage


“Howard captures all this clergy-man’s inner struggles. Tall and lean, he has a powerhouse voice that gives further authority to his character. Together, they’re [Jo Ann Cunningham and Tim Howard] a handsome, thoughtful couple who make the adult viewpoint in this story compelling."

Barbara Adams

Ithaca Times

The Game of Love and Chance

“Tim Howard’s Maurice is perfection."

The Buffalo News

“The show is well cast, especially Bellamy, Howard, and Brady. It’s one of the best theatrical performances around Buffalo in a long time.”

Metro Weekend

On the Street Where They Live - Lerner and Loewe

“Tim Howard has an excellent sense of phrasing and timing, clearly evidenced in 'I'm an ordinary Man' (My Fair Lady) and "I Remember it Well" (Gigi).

Irene Backalenick

New York-Connecticut Theater Scene


“Tim Howard is the perfect reprobate, Jigger Craigin. He gives one the chills just to watch him move. He surely can sing as excitingly displayed in “Blow High, Blow Low,” just one of the heart-racing numbers in this musical production that climbs from one high to another.”

Bob Rose

The Post-Star

110 in the Shade

“A well-cast Tim Howard was very believable in his role as older brother Noah. The dynamics were always interesting with Howard on stage, as we were aware of the heavy burden and responsibility he shouldered. It would almost be easy not to like Noah because of his bluntness and his angst. But he also showed strong human qualities of sense and caring, and Howard pulled it all together admirably.”

The Bennington Banner



“Tim Howard offers rich dimension in the role of Lizzie’s stern older brother, Noah.”

Jeffrey Borak

The Berkshire Eagle

Pump Boys and Dinettes

“Howard virtually steals the show out from under everyone with his pianistic gymnastics and blazing skill. His solo, “Serve Yourself” virtually brings down the house. At the same time, he shows an appealing and sincere vulnerability in a song about his dream come true, a night with Dolly Parton. He also finds the wry, affecting humor in ‘Farmer Tan.’”

Jeffrey Borak

The Berkshire Eagle

“Tim Howard’s versatility on both Honky Tonk piano and Hoosier Hot Shot accordion add so much to the show, but not as much as his clear-eyed, Charlie Straight Arrow interpretation of “L.M.”

Jim Littlejohn

Savannah News-Press



“The star of the show, however, was easily Tim Howard as L.M., who played the piano like a keyboard dream and sang of his frustrated fantasies of romance with Dolly Parton.”

Eugenia Gingold

Florida Stage and Screen News



“Tim Howard, as L.M., shows off his piano skills and plays drums at the same time. But his talents don’t stop there. He’s a capable vocalist and guitarist. And just wait until you see him tap dance while playing the accordion.”

Deborah Pratt


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